Sunday, 16 November 2014

Why does my boyfriend / husband chat with other women?

It may not come as a big surprise to you that men are a total different species then women. The male gender come with very specific, sometimes seemingly awkward characteristics indeed. Yet, if we take a closer look into some of those male behavioural patters, such as the need to get attention from more then one woman then you might get an understanding of the how's and why's.

Why does my husband chat with other women?
Men are genetically polygamic

In the early times of human existence, and even before that when we were apes, the very existence of our race was based on survival. In short, food (hunting, gathering) and having as many offspring as possible. As the task of females was solely based on preparing food and taking care of the offspring, the men were tasked to collect food and spread their seed. And in those days that meant with as many women as possible. This to ensure that natural selection could do its job. It worked like that for millions of years, and only recently, some 2500 years ago the human race started to form a society based on monogamy.

You can see now that for men, the need to seek the attention of women is something that is hard-wired into their DNA, and although many men can manage to behave politely, there is always a lurking desire present. They may not always actually date or have sex with other women, yet it is quite understandable that natur follows its own path in some way or another.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

The Art of Subtle Flirting (Learn how to flirt)

Flirting is an art which not many girls, even the outgoing ones have successfully mastered. Moreover so if you happen to be shy. The fear of being turned down by a guy is not something every girl can handle. After all, the dreaded feeling of rejection only serves to diminish ones' confidence.

So what happens if you have the hots for a particular guy and you want him to know you are indeed interested?  How can you drop him subtle hints, without being too obvious of wanting to throw yourself at his doorstep and scaring him away? The answer for this is by 'flirting'...

Monday, 13 January 2014

I just started with the birth control pill, can I have sex without condom now?

The following questions came to us by email:
I've started taking the birth control pill for about a week now. Would you say it's now safe to have sex without condom or should I wait?
Dear <...>, if you've never taken the anti-conception (birth control) pill before it's always a very smart thing to wait at least a month before having intercourse without a secondary protection such as condom. It takes some time for the hormones inside the pill to be properly absorbed by your body and for your reproductive system to get adapted to the hormones in your daily birth control pills.

Having said that, if you have not yet started taking the pill, the best thing to do is to wait until the first day of your menstruation and starting with the first pill on that same day. If you do that, you are immediately protected, straight away, at least for 90%. After the first week after your menses, the protection should have reached a 99.5%, which doesn't get any higher.

If you're on the anti-conception pill, there's always a chance for you to get pregnant. The half percent chance will always remain. Unless you keep using a second birth control protection (i.e condom) which lowers those chances to 99.94 percent. Aside from that, getting pregnant is not the only issue to worry about. There are dozens of STD's (Sexually Transmittable Diseases) around, and the birth control pill doesn't protect you in any way against those nasty viruses! So if you're not sure if your partner is all clean, you'd better take the precaution and have sex with a condom. Even if you're already on the pill!

When you're certain that your boyfriend or one-night stand has no STD, feel free to make love without a condom, provided you've taken the birth control pill for at least 30 days prior to your intercourse (excluding the days you had your period!).

Monday, 6 January 2014

It's all about the hips

Sexy wide hips
Sexy wide hips attract men!
In the quite rare occasion you didn't know it yet... GUYS LOVE HIPS! They generally love 'em wide and round. So what if you don't have them? Well, there are several techniques at your disposal that can help you enhance your thighs and hips to become truly amazingly hot!

Girls, have a look at the following guide " How to get wider hips ". Good luck, I'm very sure this will be a winner!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

How to attract men by fine-tuning and being aware of your physical appearance - Part 1: Your body (section 2)

This sectional post is a continuation of the blog post How to attract men by fine-tuning and being aware of your physical appearance. Please read the earlier sections first before reading the following section:

  • Your face and your hair
  • Your body shape and posture
  • Your breasts, bum and pussy

 Now, let’s move on with the second section shall we?

Sunday, 14 July 2013

How to attract men by fine-tuning and being aware of your physical appearance - Part 1: Your body (section 1)

How to attract men by fine-tuning and
being aware of your physical appearance
Being a woman, in the first place you are basically an object of desire for the men who are around you all day and every day. You are a lot more then that, but since this dating guide for women is about just that, I’ll just keep it subject related here. Being an object of desire for men is something we can discuss in great length, whether it’s just and fair or not... yet that won’t make much of a difference, fact is that it’s just the way it is, we live in a male-dominant society and whether you accept it or not, as a women you stay that object of desire whether you want to or not.

So rather then to look at the negative side, as a women you may want to focus on the good things this can bring you instead. Basically it can empower you a lot, making use of the male weakness of their concepts and approach towards their female counterparts.

Now what can you do to exploit this situation to end up with the most benefit for yourself? In a nutshell it’s all about what you have to offer and how you present yourself. You are not alone in the market for a good man, and competition is usually very fears. In this first part we’ll look at how your body affects your popularity with men and what you can do with your body to enhance your popularity.

How do you look, walk, talk, smile, interact and more. How does it affect the impression you make on men? How to shape your behavior to attract the right men? There has been a lot of research conducted around these kind of questions. And in many of tghese studies it becomes clear that the first and foremost focal point of men looking at a woman is the face, the body shape, the breasts and bum while the alpha-dominant men have a very specific, slightly different way of looking at a woman. I’m going to address this in more detail for eacgh subject further below for those of you who want to attract the dominant type of man.

Monday, 1 July 2013

How to survive after being dumped

No more calls from him anymore... no more reply's to your texts... no more seeing each other... and what's the most difficult to deal with, no more kissing, hugging, cuddling, simply being together and having fun...

It's all over, the one guy you cared for so much is now not yours anymore. Although you feel like you are still his girl... But he found another one, or just walked without any reason at all, at least not one you are able to understand!

Everything happens at the same time in your head, like an emotional rollercoaster. You feel angry at him but you love him at the same time... You feel sad and heartbroken but there's also that little bit of left-over hope that the two of you still can work it out and hopefully get back together.

But the real truth is... that's not gonna happen. You know it but somehow your mind doesn't match your heart and you're not willing to accept any of that! How can I accept it to be over? That would mean I don't care about him at all, right?! But I DO care and I DO want him back and I DO DO DO everything to get him back!!

But if you are really brave enough to face a couple of truths you would find out that there are in fact only two options for you. You can either lay around and be a pathetic heartbroken victim of love, (which I've done a couple of those in my life) or you can start to move on, try to start accepting that his love for you is not gone but changed into something different then being your boyfriend.

If you're ready to choose the last option (which is probably the wisest thing to do) I will give you some very helpful tips that guide you though survival after being dumped.